Here Are The Reasons for Hot Feet at Night

Hot Feet at Night 1

Ever went through a situation where you felt a burning sensation in your feet? It is commonly referred to a condition known as  “hot feet.” In this a person suffering from it experiences a burning or prickling sensation running through their feet at night, the severeness of the feeling ranges from gentle to extremely harsh. There is a very high possibility that the burning or prickling sensation may occur due some sort of nerve damage in your legs. Apart from nerve damage, there are various other medical problems which can cause a person to encounter hot feet at night, and diabetes is the most common problem among these whose patients often experience it. The synonyms which are generally used for this particular medical condition are ‘pins and needles’ which refer to paresthesia.

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Hot Feet at Night
Hot Feet at Night

There are a lot of reasons which can cause a person to suffer from hot feet. The following are some of the most common ones which are experienced nowadays:

1. Neuropathy

It is a condition under which the damaged or affected nerve fibers become agitated and then send signals of pain to the brain even if there is no wound at all. In the majority of the cases the nerves of the people suffering from neuropathy, are damaged first, causing them to experience a prickling and tingling sensation running through their feet. It is a quite painful procedure.

2. Nutrient deficiency

It is a scientific fact that nerves require nutrients in order to function. If in a case the human body is unable to take in the required nutrients then the possibility of nerve damage becomes high, which in result causes hot feet. The basic nutrients whose deficiency can lead to this problem are folate, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12. According to research which was carried out, nutrient deficiency usually takes place due to eating disorders, homelessness, alcohol abuse, old age, and pregnancy, etc.

3. Pregnancy

It is very common for a woman to undergo hormonal changes when she is pregnant. Therefore it is quite usual for her to encounter hot feet at night, as hormonal changes cause the body temperature of a person to increase. Another problem during pregnancy which can cause hot feet is the increased weight which is exerted on the feet, although the weight gain is natural.

4. Fungal infection

Hot Feet at Night 2
Hot Feet at Night 2

According to recent research, it has been calculated that almost 15 to 25 percent of the total population of the world suffers from an infection which is known as ‘athletes foot.’ It is crucial that this infection is treated at the right time otherwise it can spread to the other parts of the body .

5. Menopause

Another medical condition among women which can cause hot feet is “menopause.” Under this condition, women undergo hormonal changes which in result increases the temperature of the body. Women experience menopause between the ages of 45 and 55.

6. Exposure to heavy metals

When you are exposed to certain heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, and mercury, then it can cause your hands and feet to experience a prickling, tingling and burning feeling. It is important that a doctor is immediately consulted otherwise the percentage of these toxins can increase in your body which can interfere with the functions of the nerves, further causing nerve damage.

7. Kidney disease

When the kidneys are severely damaged, then there is a condition in which the patient suffers from known as Chronic kidney disease. Under this disease, the body becomes unable to remove the toxins from within through urination. These toxins then continue to build up in the body causing neuropathy.

8. HIV and AIDS

Some of the most common symptoms of AIDS and HIV are numb feet and peripheral neuropathy. As stated above as well under hot feet the nerves are usually damaged and fail to function properly, so this generally affects almost one-third of the people suffering from HIV. It has been revealed by the “Foundation of Peripheral Neuropathy” that there are some medications, given to the patients of AIDS which can cause neuropathy.

Treatment for “Hot Feet”

1. Changing Medication

In some cases, people experience that the medication they are taking is not really making any difference in their body, or it’s not bringing a positive change in their medical condition; then it is advised that they change their medication to see whether it can make a difference or not. It is highly recommended that the switching of pills is done after consulting a doctor otherwise it can further complicate the situation.

2. Change in lifestyle

Apart from diseases, there are a lot of other factors which can lead to a person experiencing hot feet. There are certain ways which we adopt in our lives, and they become a part of our daily routine. Some of them may be a little problematic for us in the future. If you are a person who is suffering from the infection called “athletes foot” then hot feet might not be a strange term for you. Therefore there are certain ways which can be adopted in order to avoid this problem such as the ones stated below:

Hot Feet at Night 3
Hot Feet at Night 3

Make sure to wear shoes which fit you properly, and you can even use inserts.

It is generally advised by doctors that you should keep altering shoes every day so that all pairs are given time to breathe out a little.

After workout sessions, socks should be changed daily and wearing cotton ones might also help improve the situation.

Refrain from wearing wet socks or shoes and avoid sleeping with socks on.

During summer season wear shoes which allow your feet to breathe, sandals preferably.

When you are using pools or have an interaction with water, then try wearing flip-flops as they reduce the risk of getting athletes foot.

In order to avoid hot feet or athletes foot, applying foot powder helps a lot as it sucks all the dampness in your feet.

Walking or running a lot can cause your feet to sweat. Usually, people wear joggers or sneakers while running, so avoid prolonged sessions of walking.

Keep your feet cold as much as possible, especially during the hot season, as your feet tend to sweat in summer.

If you have cold feet at night then try breathable socks for sleeping.


Always address the underlying medical condition. The treatment for hot feet at night largely relies on symptoms which are faced by the person suffering from this condition. For example, if hot feet are encountered due to diabetic neuropathy then bringing the blood sugar levels back to normal may relax the situation. Similarly, if hot feet are caused by certain chronic diseases, then it is advised that a person strictly follows his/her treatment regime, whatever is prescribed by the doctor in order to bring relief to the problem of hot feet as well.

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