What Causes Cold Feet at Night? – Here is How to Treat It

Cold feet at night

The term “cold feet” is often referred to as the feeling people have of nervousness before a big event or say your wedding. Then there is the case of people who just naturally have cold feet, but cold feet cannot just be confined to the above-stated cases. People often suffer from the medical condition known as “cold feet at night.” When there is a low level of blood circulation from your heart area then your feet turn cold, this usually happens at night when you are sleeping and can be caused by a number of reasons, which includes irregular meals or even idleness.

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This article will lay out for you some of the major reasons behind having cold feet at night, including remedies to avoid this condition:


1. Cold temperatures


Cold temperatures
Cold temperatures

It is very normal for the body to react under cold temperatures, and having cold feet at that time is just another way your body is responding to the possible change in the weather. What usually happens is that in cold areas the blood vessels in your body which are present in the farthest points tend to become constrict causing the blood flow to decrease, and therefore the level of heat reduces in the body.

2. Poor circulation

This is one of the most talked about reasons, when the blood circulation patterns in your body are not normal, or they become low for some reasons then the warm blood which usually flows towards your  feet faces difficulties to do so and as a result, your feet tend to remain cooler as compared to other areas at night.

3. Anemia

Anemia is a medical condition in which the person suffering from it has very little red blood cells in his/her body then it is generally required. Anemia occurs due to a number of reasons which include kidney diseases, deficiency of vitamin B12, iron and folate. Usually, people suffering from anemia complain about having cold feet at night, although if the right medication is given to the patients, anemia can very well be treated as it responds faster.

4. Nerve disorders


Nerve disorders
Nerve disorders

Another major reason behind having cold feet at night is possible nerve disorders. Nerves can be damaged due to a lot of reasons some of which are injury, frostbites, or even because of a medical condition you are already a patient to.

5. Hypothyroidism

This medical condition develops in a person whose thyroid glands are not active which makes it unable to produce the right amount of thyroid hormones in the body; therefore it has a bad effect on the metabolism of the patient’s body. Whenever there is a disturbance in the metabolism pattern then the blood circulation, heartbeat, as well as body temperature, is severely affected, this means that if the thyroid does not function properly, then it is most likely for the person to suffer from hypothyroidism leading them to have cold feet at night.

6. Type and Type 2 diabetes

It is quite common for the patients of diabetes to have cold feet, either due to nerve damage or generally cold feet. There are other symptoms of it as well like numb feet or a prickling or tingling feeling. If you feel that maybe your nerves in the feet area are damaged, then you need to make an appointment with the doctor so that the situation can be brought under control through proper treatment.


Following are some remedies which, if followed, can prove to be quite helpful:

1. Movement

One of the simplest ways to increase the warmth in your body is a movement which includes walking and not sitting idle for too long. Therefore, as a result, the blood flow resumes towards the feet area then you need to make an appointment with the doctor so that the situation can be brought under control through proper treatment.

2. Foot bath

Foot bath is considered to be one of the fastest ways to free your body from the problem of having cold feet at night. What you need to do is fill the bathtub with Luke warm water and then put your feet in it for a good 10 to 15 minutes; this will help circulate the blood in your body down to your feet area without any obstacle. It is generally advised to practice this remedy just before you get ready for bed. This is another way to loosen up the tight muscles.

3. Heating pads


Heating pads
Heating pads

People often complain about the problem they face while trying to sleep due to cold feet. Heating pads play a very important role to relieve a person from this situation; you just need to place the hot pad on your bed in the area where your feet are placed at night. This will regulate the blood circulation at night and keep your feet warm the whole time. When you have been busy the whole day due to immense workload or constant standing, then heating pads help you to relax after such a hectic day.

4. Foot exercises

Foot exercises are really important if you want to keep the blood flow patterns normal in your body and if you want to keep the feet all warmed up. They help to make your blood vessels strong. A simple example for this exercise can be walking on your toes and then your heels for a good 10 to 15 minutes.

5. Wearing Socks

Try sleeping with socks on to keep the feet warm. Always choose best socks for sleeping so that you can sleep properly without any discomfort.

When do you need to consult the doctor?

People are often concerned about when do they really need to see the doctor; there is a very simple answer to that. You just need to keep a few things in mind.

  • If you feel that your hands and feet are hurting all the time and healing takes a bit too long.
  • If you experience a constant headache.
  • If you notice major changes in your weight then you need to take it seriously?
  • If you feel that fever is something which you’re suffering from quite frequently.
  • Joints tend to hurt a bit too much.
  • If you come to notice that your skin is under constant change and that too in the form of allergies and reactions.


If the above-stated points are not strange for you and if you are actually undergoing such changes then you need to start taking it seriously and consult your doctor so that you can save yourself from further complications. Cold feet at night are a treatable condition; you just need to follow whatever your doctor has prescribed you and include the above-stated exercises in your daily life.

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