Top 8 Best Skateboard Shoes Brands in 2019

Top 8 Best Skateboard Shoes Brands in 2019

If you just start to skateboarding, chances you will have lots of concerns to get the best gears you need.

More importantly is the comfort for your dear feet as they will control the skateboard most of the time. Having the most suitable shoes for skateboarding is important!

Here I will help you with all the essential information to pick up the best shoes for skateboarding. Keep on reading and I promise you will realize what is the best fit for YOU in the end.

Let’s dive right into my list!

Top 8 Best Skateboard Shoes Brands in 2019

1. Adidas

adidas Men's Seeley Skate Shoe
adidas Men’s Seeley Skate Shoe

This one is quite obvious.

Having 95 years experience as one of the top skateboard shoe brands, Adidas earned the ultimate reputation in many skateboarders’ heart. Everyone knows the name Adidas, and it dedicates to your service with high-quality sportswear.

You can’t go wrong with this brand!

Just remember to buy directly from Adidas stores and reputable distributors. You want to avoid counterfeit product! Otherwise, you don’t have to worry about Adidas’s impeccable quality.

You can have a look at the top-selling skate shoes: The 3MC Vulc and The Busenitz. Most of Adidas skate shoes are very iconic and super performance.

The brand even has many collaborations that produce interesting models. You will feel amazed by both the classic and modern styles that Adidas brings.

Adidas also has a huge stock for you to select your favorite styles and colors! What else you can ask more from the best sportswear brand?

2. Nike

NIKE Men's SB Check Skateboarding Shoes
NIKE Men’s SB Check Skateboarding Shoes

Well, I was struggling between Nice and Adidas as they are both superior brands. So just go with your gut feeling to pick either or both brands.

Today, Nike is all about innovation and inspiration. It makes sure you can wear the most comfortable and effective shoes everywhere.
A bit younger than Adidas, established since 1964, Nike is still holding the major market share in sport’s shoes today. If you wear a Nike, you are all set for skateboarding!

Nike current top-selling shoes are The SB Zoom Stefan and SB Zoom Blazer. These two product lines focus on maximum performance. Many professional skateboarders settle with Nike for their best competitions.

You don’t have to worry about Nike’s material quality. Many good reviews claim the shoes can last at least two years as long as you buy from the authentic stores.

The shoes also can withstand lots of impacts and resistant to external factors. You can enjoy your street skating as long as you want while feeling snug in Nike’s shoes.

3. Vans

Vans Unisex Old Skool Classic Skate Shoes
Vans Unisex Old Skool Classic Skate Shoes

After two years behind Nike, Vans also proves its dominant strength among the top skateboard shoe brands in 1966.

Both the pro skate and pro classic series are top-notch quality. With Vans, you can get more variety in designs and color mixes.

Having said so, Vans’s top-selling shoes is still the Old School Pro model. If Adidas is about performance, Nike is efficiency, then Vans is all about reliability. The shoes have double stitches to ensure the best durability for your extreme sports.

You deserve the best for the money you paid!

The shoe’s design is very sturdy and can take lots of beatings before they torn apart. You cannot ask for more from Vans here.

Everyone will make mistake in their tricks whether you are a pro or beginner, Vans knows that. This is the main feature you should give a try.

Don’t let the neat look fool ya! Vans shoes can take all challenges!

4. DC Shoes

 DC Women's Venice M2 SE Shoe
DC Women’s Venice M2 SE Shoe

In 1994, DC shoes take a quick shortcut compared to the veteran brands. The brand consists of world-class skateboarders and professional teams making its way as one of the footwear market leaders.

The price might be a bit higher than other premium brands, but all of the productions are from the USA. Yes! Even such a renowned and global brand, DC is proud to have its product made by American.

The name E.Tribeka is popular since it is one of the best selling shoes for DC. The shoes in overall are tough and high performance. The stylish look is also a key feature that most pros pick too.

What is more interesting?

The special feature of DC shoes is the dual density midsole. Even though the sole looks thick, it aims to provide you with extra support and comfort.

I bet you can barely feel any shocks while wearing DC shoes! Don’t hesitate to try them.

5. Converse


You can trust me on this one!

Even older than most brands I have mentioned, Converse has a great history dated back in 1908. Though Converse became Nike’s subsidiary in 2003, the brand maintains its designs and individuality as one of your best options.

Over the past, Converse went through radical changes from making shoes for the military, to the artist stage and then now to the street. It adapts well with technology as well as the custom styles.

What cool here is …

If you try on any Converse Skate shoes, you will feel unique and one-of-a-kind sensation. That is how you express yourself and personality. Hence, Converse offers a huge variety of styles and designs here.

Converse top-selling shoes are still the legendary Chuck Taylor All Star and Jack Purcell series. You definitely won’t regret spending your money on one of the designs here.

Make sure to take your time when browsing! There are lots to feast your eyes on Converse shoes.

6. Emerica

Emerica Men's The Reynolds Skateboarding Shoe
Emerica Men’s The Reynolds Skateboarding Shoe

Now here comes a well-tailored brand!

Emerica also dedicates to skateboarding fans since 1996. The team consists of professional skateboarders who can tailor to your specific needs.

This is where you can go off mainstream brands and more skateboarding hardcore on your footwear. Each member of the team will design a unique touch or features on their shoes.

Therefore, it is hard to say any series is best for you or the best selling shoes!

You just have to take your time and browse through each series. Certain types are stylish looking, while some are classic and mature.

Emerica is definitely where you can find your unique personality and styles. The price is much reasonable compared to other premium brands.

7. Etnies

Etnies Marana Brown/Brown/Gum Skate Shoes
Etnies Marana Brown/Brown/Gum Skate Shoes

Did you know Etnies was a famous footwear brand in Europe in the 1980s?

Even though it was founded in Europe, Etnies grew rapidly and introduced to the US market. Today, it is one of the most well-known brands in the skateboarding community.

Similar to Emerica, the brand offers many colors and individual designs for your pleasure. If you are a fan of any specific professional skateboarders from the team, time to show some love!

Most of Etnies shoes are mid and low profile design will give you tons of mobility. There is some limited design, but you have more size and color choices in compensation.

Besides, Etnies also contribute its sales to charity and helping the society. Such as the “buy a shoe, plant a tree” campaign.

You are helping a greater cause just by purchasing from this brand!

Why not take this opportunity to do some good deeds along the way?

8. Supra



If you are looking for fancy and colorful shoes, Supra is my best recommendation on this list.

Shared by a big passion of five skateboarders, Supra was launched in 2006. The brand now makes it name popular till today.

Since it is a young brand, Supra takes a leap of faith with crazy ideas and youthful designs. Most of Supra shoes are low profile design, leaving more space for your ease of movements.

There are even strange color mixes, patterns, and cool looking designs. These shoes are for you alright, if you have a relaxed and open mind to new things.

See how much values you got from Supra?

Besides the stylish looks, the shoe’s performance is amazing. You will feel lightweight and flexible when trying them on. The best shoes are the best fit!

So why don’t you check them out and uncover new styles and tricks with these sick shoes?

The bottom line is:

In the end, you are going to be the judge!

Wearing skateboard shoes will benefit you more than wearing normal shoes or general sneakers.

They are lighter and have unique features reserving only for skateboarding – such as better deck grip, extra midsole support, etc.

They match with your skateboard and personality during a performance.

They are more affordable and functional since designed by a professional skateboarding team.

There you go!

I hope you find these skateboard shoe brands interesting and suit your needs.


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