November 8, 2018
How to prevent vomiting while sleeping

What Causes Vomiting While Sleeping?

One of the worst experiences you can have while sleeping is vomiting. This is because it is very disgusting and it will leave you feeling really bad. Vomiting while sleeping is also very dangerous as […]
November 8, 2018
What to Know about Sleeping with Socks

What to Know about Sleeping with Socks On

Many people like wearing socks during the cold season and some even choose to sleep with them on. Many people do not know whether sleeping with socks is beneficial or if it’s harmful. We will […]
November 8, 2018
Sleeping with Socks On

Best Socks for Sleeping

Not everyone likes going to bed in their socks because they might make their toes feel confined or even over-heat their feet. This may be because you don’t know the best socks for sleeping and […]
November 8, 2018
Hot Feet at Night 1

Here Are The Reasons for Hot Feet at Night

Ever went through a situation where you felt a burning sensation in your feet? It is commonly referred to a condition known as  “hot feet.” In this a person suffering from it experiences a burning or prickling […]
November 8, 2018
Wake up your foot

How to wake up your foot? – Here are a few ways for you to follow

  You might have heard of the term ‘asleep foot’ a lot. There are a lot of explanations out there for a reason behind this particular medical condition, and there are a lot of solutions […]
November 8, 2018
Cold feet at night

What causes cold feet at night? – Here is how to treat it

The term “cold feet” is often referred to as the feeling people have of nervousness before a big event or say your wedding. Then there is the case of people who just naturally have cold […]
November 8, 2018
What happens when your foot falls asleep

What happens when your foot falls asleep?

  There are a lot of answers to the question as to why or how the foot falls asleep. Well, the major and most talked about the reason behind the occurrence of this condition is […]