Top 8 Best Skateboard Shoes Brands in 2019

Top 8 Best Skateboard Shoes Brands in 2019

If you just start to skateboarding, chances you will have lots of concerns to get the best gears you need.

More importantly is the comfort for your dear feet as they will control the skateboard most of the time. Having the most suitable shoes for skateboarding is important!

Here I will help you with all the essential information to pick up the best shoes for skateboarding. Keep on reading and I promise you will realize what is the best fit for YOU in the end.

Let’s dive right into my list!

Top 8 Best Skateboard Shoes Brands in 2019

1. Adidas

adidas Men's Seeley Skate Shoe
adidas Men’s Seeley Skate Shoe

This one is quite obvious.

Having 95 years experience as one of the top skateboard shoe brands, Adidas earned the ultimate reputation in many skateboarders’ heart. Everyone knows the name Adidas, and it dedicates to your service with high-quality sportswear.

You can’t go wrong with this brand!

Just remember to buy directly from Adidas stores and reputable distributors. You want to avoid counterfeit product! Otherwise, you don’t have to worry about Adidas’s impeccable quality.

You can have a look at the top-selling skate shoes: The 3MC Vulc and The Busenitz. Most of Adidas skate shoes are very iconic and super performance.

The brand even has many collaborations that produce interesting models. You will feel amazed by both the classic and modern styles that Adidas brings.

Adidas also has a huge stock for you to select your favorite styles and colors! What else you can ask more from the best sportswear brand?

2. Nike

NIKE Men's SB Check Skateboarding Shoes
NIKE Men’s SB Check Skateboarding Shoes

Well, I was struggling between Nice and Adidas as they are both superior brands. So just go with your gut feeling to pick either or both brands.

Today, Nike is all about innovation and inspiration. It makes sure you can wear the most comfortable and effective shoes everywhere.
A bit younger than Adidas, established since 1964, Nike is still holding the major market share in sport’s shoes today. If you wear a Nike, you are all set for skateboarding!

Nike current top-selling shoes are The SB Zoom Stefan and SB Zoom Blazer. These two product lines focus on maximum performance. Many professional skateboarders settle with Nike for their best competitions.

You don’t have to worry about Nike’s material quality. Many good reviews claim the shoes can last at least two years as long as you buy from the authentic stores.

The shoes also can withstand lots of impacts and resistant to external factors. You can enjoy your street skating as long as you want while feeling snug in Nike’s shoes.

3. Vans

Vans Unisex Old Skool Classic Skate Shoes
Vans Unisex Old Skool Classic Skate Shoes

After two years behind Nike, Vans also proves its dominant strength among the top skateboard shoe brands in 1966.

Both the pro skate and pro classic series are top-notch quality. With Vans, you can get more variety in designs and color mixes.

Having said so, Vans’s top-selling shoes is still the Old School Pro model. If Adidas is about performance, Nike is efficiency, then Vans is all about reliability. The shoes have double stitches to ensure the best durability for your extreme sports.

You deserve the best for the money you paid!

The shoe’s design is very sturdy and can take lots of beatings before they torn apart. You cannot ask for more from Vans here.

Everyone will make mistake in their tricks whether you are a pro or beginner, Vans knows that. This is the main feature you should give a try.

Don’t let the neat look fool ya! Vans shoes can take all challenges!

4. DC Shoes

 DC Women's Venice M2 SE Shoe
DC Women’s Venice M2 SE Shoe

In 1994, DC shoes take a quick shortcut compared to the veteran brands. The brand consists of world-class skateboarders and professional teams making its way as one of the footwear market leaders.

The price might be a bit higher than other premium brands, but all of the productions are from the USA. Yes! Even such a renowned and global brand, DC is proud to have its product made by American.

The name E.Tribeka is popular since it is one of the best selling shoes for DC. The shoes in overall are tough and high performance. The stylish look is also a key feature that most pros pick too.

What is more interesting?

The special feature of DC shoes is the dual density midsole. Even though the sole looks thick, it aims to provide you with extra support and comfort.

I bet you can barely feel any shocks while wearing DC shoes! Don’t hesitate to try them.

5. Converse


You can trust me on this one!

Even older than most brands I have mentioned, Converse has a great history dated back in 1908. Though Converse became Nike’s subsidiary in 2003, the brand maintains its designs and individuality as one of your best options.

Over the past, Converse went through radical changes from making shoes for the military, to the artist stage and then now to the street. It adapts well with technology as well as the custom styles.

What cool here is …

If you try on any Converse Skate shoes, you will feel unique and one-of-a-kind sensation. That is how you express yourself and personality. Hence, Converse offers a huge variety of styles and designs here.

Converse top-selling shoes are still the legendary Chuck Taylor All Star and Jack Purcell series. You definitely won’t regret spending your money on one of the designs here.

Make sure to take your time when browsing! There are lots to feast your eyes on Converse shoes.

6. Emerica

Emerica Men's The Reynolds Skateboarding Shoe
Emerica Men’s The Reynolds Skateboarding Shoe

Now here comes a well-tailored brand!

Emerica also dedicates to skateboarding fans since 1996. The team consists of professional skateboarders who can tailor to your specific needs.

This is where you can go off mainstream brands and more skateboarding hardcore on your footwear. Each member of the team will design a unique touch or features on their shoes.

Therefore, it is hard to say any series is best for you or the best selling shoes!

You just have to take your time and browse through each series. Certain types are stylish looking, while some are classic and mature.

Emerica is definitely where you can find your unique personality and styles. The price is much reasonable compared to other premium brands.

7. Etnies

Etnies Marana Brown/Brown/Gum Skate Shoes
Etnies Marana Brown/Brown/Gum Skate Shoes

Did you know Etnies was a famous footwear brand in Europe in the 1980s?

Even though it was founded in Europe, Etnies grew rapidly and introduced to the US market. Today, it is one of the most well-known brands in the skateboarding community.

Similar to Emerica, the brand offers many colors and individual designs for your pleasure. If you are a fan of any specific professional skateboarders from the team, time to show some love!

Most of Etnies shoes are mid and low profile design will give you tons of mobility. There is some limited design, but you have more size and color choices in compensation.

Besides, Etnies also contribute its sales to charity and helping the society. Such as the “buy a shoe, plant a tree” campaign.

You are helping a greater cause just by purchasing from this brand!

Why not take this opportunity to do some good deeds along the way?

8. Supra



If you are looking for fancy and colorful shoes, Supra is my best recommendation on this list.

Shared by a big passion of five skateboarders, Supra was launched in 2006. The brand now makes it name popular till today.

Since it is a young brand, Supra takes a leap of faith with crazy ideas and youthful designs. Most of Supra shoes are low profile design, leaving more space for your ease of movements.

There are even strange color mixes, patterns, and cool looking designs. These shoes are for you alright, if you have a relaxed and open mind to new things.

See how much values you got from Supra?

Besides the stylish looks, the shoe’s performance is amazing. You will feel lightweight and flexible when trying them on. The best shoes are the best fit!

So why don’t you check them out and uncover new styles and tricks with these sick shoes?

The bottom line is:

In the end, you are going to be the judge!

Wearing skateboard shoes will benefit you more than wearing normal shoes or general sneakers.

They are lighter and have unique features reserving only for skateboarding – such as better deck grip, extra midsole support, etc.

They match with your skateboard and personality during a performance.

They are more affordable and functional since designed by a professional skateboarding team.

There you go!

I hope you find these skateboard shoe brands interesting and suit your needs.


If you have any further questions about skateboard and water sports, just feel free to contact them in the following ways:

1. Email: [email protected]

2. Phone Number: +15614820591

3. Address: 874 Wyatt Street Boca Raton, Florida.

What Causes Vomiting While Sleeping?

How to prevent vomiting while sleeping

One of the worst experiences you can have while sleeping is vomiting. This is because it is very disgusting and it will leave you feeling really bad. Vomiting while sleeping is also very dangerous as it is known to cause choking and in extreme cases even death.

There are different things that can cause you to throw up when you are asleep. We are going to look into some of these causes and also give you tips on how to prevent future occurrences of vomiting.

What causes people to vomit in their sleep?

There are many people who suffer from involuntary vomiting in their sleep. Some of them will be able to rush to the bathroom before they throw up but there others who are not as fortunate and they end up throwing up in bed.

It is very disgusting and discomforting for these people when they wake up and find that they are covered in vomit. The smell will also make it very hard for them to sleep and this will reduce the quality of sleep that they receive thus reducing their productivity during the day.

The following are some of the probable causes of people vomiting in their sleep:

1. Acid reflux

This is a condition whereby the food one ingests is brought back up the food pipe thus causing inflammation and irritation of the inner lining of the food pipe.

This condition is very irritating and can even cause other uncomfortable symptoms such as heartburn.

This is one of the common causes of people vomiting in their sleep and should be treated promptly to avoid one from getting ulcerations.

2. Food

What Causes Vomiting While Sleeping
What Causes Vomiting While Sleeping

There are times where you may end up eating food that causes you irritation. The reaction to the food may not be immediate but once you lay down the digestive juices may react with the food and send it back out.

This may cause you to vomit while sleeping or if you are lucky you will be able to wake up and rush to the bathroom in time. In both scenarios, your sleep will be interrupted and this reduces the quality of sleep you get that night.

3. Eating late

This is the case with people who work in shifts and thus have developed an irregular eating pattern. These people often eat very late which can greatly affect the digestion process.

When digestion of food is not done properly it can cause your digestive system to send the food back out thus causing vomiting while asleep.

4. Intake of alcohol

There are people who are overly fond of drinking at night. If you have a habit of drinking large quantities of alcohol on a regular basis and also eating unhealthy food it can cause you to vomit in your sleep.

The other effects of drinking a lot of alcohol before bed are dizziness and gastritis.

5. Teething

This is the process of babies getting teeth which causes them a lot of irritation. Babies during this process tend to feel very fussy and cranky.

They also tend to bite into objects and also get swollen gums which can result in the vomiting in their sleep.

6. Stress


If you are really stressed it can interrupt your sleep and cause indigestion. This can cause you to vomit in the middle of the night.

How to prevent vomiting while sleeping

  • Avoid taking foods that are spicy, greasy or oily right before bed.
  • Eat food at least 3 hours before going to sleep so as to allow for proper digestion and avoid food churning and coming back up.
  • You can change your sleeping position and opt for a position that is slightly tilted.
  • Reduce your alcohol intake.
  • Avoid taking caffeine right before bed as this can sometimes cause acid reflux.
  • Getting fresh air will help reduce the nausea and thus prevent you from vomiting.
  • Try and stay calm when you feel nauseous as this will prevent the feeling from escalating.
  • You can try and distract yourself from the nauseous feeling which is a natural way to prevent vomiting.
  • Taking deep breaths when you feel like vomiting will help you calm down and even get rid of the feeling.
  • You can choose to sip of cool drinks to help you get rid of nausea.


The causes of vomiting while sleeping are things that are commonly done on a regular basis. This means that we can prevent this condition by simply making a few lifestyle adjustments.

Vomiting in your sleep is one of the worst experiences you can ever have and as we have mentioned above it is also quite dangerous. If you vomit while lying down it can cause you to choke due to the windpipe being blocked by undigested food. This can cause death if the person is not treated promptly.

If you usually suffer from regular acid reflux you should evaluate yourself and find out what causes it and get rid of the cause.

Getting your sleep constantly interrupted by the need to vomit will greatly affect your sleep quality as well as quantity. This will also affect how productive you will be during the day as well as your social interactions.

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What to Know about Sleeping with Socks On

What to Know about Sleeping with Socks

Many people like wearing socks during the cold season and some even choose to sleep with them on. Many people do not know whether sleeping with socks is beneficial or if it’s harmful. We will enlighten you on all what to know about sleeping with socks on.

It may seem strange to discover that wearing socks to bed will help you fall asleep much faster. This is because they help your body regulate its internal temperature.

As you well know temperature can greatly affect the quality of sleep that you receive. Ensuring that you are warm throughout the night will help you get a peaceful night’s sleep without all the tossing and turning.

Most people are scared to fall asleep with their socks on because they don’t want to overheat their feet. The fact of the matter is that regularly sleeping with socks helps your body maintains its internal temperature regulation.

Know about Sleeping with Socks
Know about Sleeping with Socks

From scientific studies, it has been proven that the human body temperature drops when a person falls asleep and the lowest temperature is attained at 4 in the morning. This can cause a person’s sleep to get interrupted and thus lower the quality of sleep he/she gets.

When you are able to warm up your hands and feet during the night by wearing socks and long-sleeved sweaters, you will be able to raise your body temperature by causing your blood vessels to dilate thus releasing heat to the surrounding through your skin and ensuring your body temperature remains regulated.

Wearing socks will help you fall asleep faster by warming up your feet which in turn causes vasodilation which is the instance in which your blood vessels dilate. This ensures that heat is lost to the surrounding through your skin thus lowering your core temperature and telling your brain that it is time for bed.

Benefits of wearing socks to bed

The following are some of the benefits you stand to get from wearing your warm cute socks to bed:

1. They help prevent hot flushes

Hot flushes are normally experienced by women going through menopause. The following are some of the symptoms of hot flushes:

Rapid heart palpitations

A lot of sweating

Flushing/reddening of the face

Wearing socks to bed helps to regulate these symptoms as they are able to lower the core temperature of the body during the night. This negates the effects of the hormonal fluctuations that the body’s ability to control its internal temperature.

2. Reducing Reynaud’s symptoms

Know about Sleeping with Socks On
Know about Sleeping with Socks On

This is a medical condition that normally affects the blood vessels found on a person’s skin. It is usually characterized by the person’s hands and feet being constantly cold.

When one gets an attack, the blood flow to their hands and feet gets reduced which in turn causes them to feel cold and even change color.

Wearing your socks to bed can actually help to reduce the symptoms of this condition. They will help you keep warm throughout the night and also reduce the effects of the attack.

3. Improves cracked heals

If you suffer from having heals with cracks or lines, wearing socks to bed may actually help. This is because wearing cotton socks after applying moisturizer will help prevent your heals from developing cracks.

4. Improved sex

What to Know about Sleeping with Socks On
What to Know about Sleeping with Socks On

Studies have shown that couples who wear socks to bed had increased the ability to attain orgasms as compared to those who didn’t. This is because most people are put off by cold feet and wearing socks helps sort out this issue.

What kind of socks should you wear?

This is the question that most of you are asking yourselves right now.

The best kinds of socks to wear are those made from natural soft fibers such as cashmere or merino wool. They are usually expensive but they are comfortable and also not itchy thus ensuring you sleep soundly through the night.

It is important to go for socks that are not too tight as they may constrict blood circulation thus preventing your feet from being warmed properly.

If you want to increase your blood circulation, even more, you should try warming your socks using a hair dryer or even sitting on them before putting them on.

Avoid wearing compression socks to bed unless you have advised doing so by your doctor. This is because they will move blood flow away from your feet and sometimes even block blood flow when you are lying down.

Disadvantages of wearing socks to bed

Sleeping with Socks On
Sleeping with Socks On

There is only one disadvantage when it comes to wearing your socks to bed and that is overheating your feet while sleeping. If this happens then you should remove the socks or just leave your feet out of the blankets so as to cool them off.

Alternatives to wearing socks in bed

The following are some other ways to ensure that your feet remain warm even if you don’t want to wear socks to bed:

Wearing a pair of warm slippers before retiring to bed to ensure that your feet remain warm

Taking a foot bath in warm water right before bed

Taking a warm bath at least 1 hour before going to bed

Ensuring that the blanket reaches the foot of the bed when sleeping

Placing a hot water bottle near your feet when sleeping

All the above tactics have the same purpose which is to ensure that your feet remain warm throughout the night. As you well know every person requires at least 8 hours of quality sleep in order for them to continue staying healthy and also be productive during the day.


Many people were under the false notion that sleeping with socks on was unhygienic but as you can clearly see from our discussion above it is more beneficial than it is harmful.

The secret to enjoying a peaceful sleep is choosing the right socks made from the softest non-itchy materials. This is because there are people who are allergic to wool and tend to itch a lot when they wear woolen socks.

Never wear socks that are too tight as this may cut your blood circulation and cause you unease. Sometimes tight socks may cause you to feel pain at the place where the blood has been constricted, which will cause you to toss and turn at night thus reducing the quality and amount of sleep you get.

We would recommend that you get into the habit of sleeping in socks as this will help you keep your body temperature regulated at all times of the day.

It is also advisable because you will be able to avoid constantly having cold feet which are quite annoying especially to your bed partner. This will also help you minimize the chances of getting to sleep late due to the effects of feeling cold.

It is common knowledge that when one is feeling warm and comfortable, he/she will usually fall into slumber quickly without even noticing it. Always keep your feet warm is the message for today.

Best Socks for Sleeping

Sleeping with Socks On

Not everyone likes going to bed in their socks because they might make their toes feel confined or even over-heat their feet. This may be because you don’t know the best socks for sleeping and thus have been choosing the wrong socks for you. However, once you decide to go to bed in socks, make sure you are wearing the right type.

Best Socks for Sleeping
Best Socks for Sleeping

There are different categories of sleeping socks. We have the usual in-and-out of bed cuddle socks which are great for both cuddlings on the couch as well as sleeping in. The other categories include socks that you can kick off when it gets too heated, socks that will stay put throughout the night and socks that are seriously warm.

The type of socks one chooses to wear will depend entirely on their individual preference for warmth and coverage. One of the most important things to consider when getting socks for sleeping is temperature regulation- you want a pair of socks which will keep your feet warm but will not cause you to overheat or sweat to disturb your sleep. The socks should keep you warm but allow for optimal ventilation as well.

Socks to only start the night with

Socks to only start the night with
Socks to only start the night with

These are socks that you will wear when you enter the bed and then you can easily remove them when you get warm enough.

They help you avoid the cold feel of the sheets when you first enter the bed and it hasn’t yet warmed up enough.

These socks are amazing in the sense that you can just kick them off when your feet become too warm during the night thus preventing you from having to wake up in the middle of the night. They also prevent you from having to toss and turn due to heat thus ensuring you get quality sleep throughout the night.

The best socks to serve this purpose should be a bit loose but not too loose that they come off during the night before you are ready to kick them off. The size of the socks will depend entirely on the best comfort levels for you as well as the size of your feet.

Some great choices for these types of socks include:

  • Loose crunchy socks because they are not constrictive and they are also long enough to cover most of your legs and keep them from the cold of the sheets.
  • Loose mid-calf socks which can easily be removed by rubbing them off using your feet or even pulling them off using skilled toes.

These are best types of sock to wear to bed because they will stay on your feet and will not slip off. If worn properly, they will stay put when needed and roll off easily when you want them off. The soft cotton material also helps increase your comfort.

Socks that stay on all night

Socks that stay on all night
Socks that stay on all night

There are people who do not like the thought of waking up without the socks they slept in or with one sock missing from their bodies. There are socks which enable you to keep them on throughout the night and still avoid the painful line that comes from wearing socks that are too tight.

The following are great options for socks that serve this purpose:

If you are experiencing an exceptionally cool night then you should opt for wool blend. These socks offer a wider range of foot sizes from the smallest to largest feet.

For those who prefer longer socks to sleep in during the night, it can get a bit tricky finding socks that are comfortable enough to sleep in. You can choose to go for the knee highs which have wide cuffs that evenly distribute the stay-up. They are great for wearing during a chilly night without the discomfort of overheating.

Socks that are super warm

Socks that are super warm
Socks that are super warm

If you are experiencing exceptionally chilly weather then you probably want socks that will keep you warm throughout the night.

The material your socks are made out off will determine how warm they are. The best material for your socks should be natural fibers that are soft. These include fibers such as cashmere or merino wool.

These types of socks may a bit on the high-end but the results will be worth all the cash. These materials do not cause any irritation thus ensuring your feet remain warm and you sleep soundly throughout the night without any rude interruptions from itchy feet.

Socks made from cotton are also great choices as they are soft and warm. They also are quite affordable thus ensuring that you do not blow your budget in the pursuit of a comfortable night’s sleep.


Having your feet cold during the night can make it very difficult to sleep even if you have a firm mattress and soft pillows in our bed. You can remedy this situation by ensuring you wear socks to bed so as to keep feet warm.

Keeping your feet warm has also been proven to cause you to fall asleep much faster. This ensures that you get enough quality sleep during the night thus ensuring you wake up feeling great and be very productive throughout the day.

Wearing the right kind of socks is essential for comfort while sleeping. You need to know whether you prefer removing your socks during the night or if you are the type to sleep the whole night in socks.

The best socks for sleeping will usually be the ones that you feel most comfortable in. you will have to consider the material and length of the socks that best suits your comfort needs.

As we have constantly been saying, a person requires quality sleep for at least 8 hours to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The right pair of socks for sleeping should aid in sleeping well.

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Here Are The Reasons for Hot Feet at Night

Hot Feet at Night 1

Ever went through a situation where you felt a burning sensation in your feet? It is commonly referred to a condition known as  “hot feet.” In this a person suffering from it experiences a burning or prickling sensation running through their feet at night, the severeness of the feeling ranges from gentle to extremely harsh. There is a very high possibility that the burning or prickling sensation may occur due some sort of nerve damage in your legs. Apart from nerve damage, there are various other medical problems which can cause a person to encounter hot feet at night, and diabetes is the most common problem among these whose patients often experience it. The synonyms which are generally used for this particular medical condition are ‘pins and needles’ which refer to paresthesia.

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Hot Feet at Night
Hot Feet at Night

There are a lot of reasons which can cause a person to suffer from hot feet. The following are some of the most common ones which are experienced nowadays:

1. Neuropathy

It is a condition under which the damaged or affected nerve fibers become agitated and then send signals of pain to the brain even if there is no wound at all. In the majority of the cases the nerves of the people suffering from neuropathy, are damaged first, causing them to experience a prickling and tingling sensation running through their feet. It is a quite painful procedure.

2. Nutrient deficiency

It is a scientific fact that nerves require nutrients in order to function. If in a case the human body is unable to take in the required nutrients then the possibility of nerve damage becomes high, which in result causes hot feet. The basic nutrients whose deficiency can lead to this problem are folate, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12. According to research which was carried out, nutrient deficiency usually takes place due to eating disorders, homelessness, alcohol abuse, old age, and pregnancy, etc.

3. Pregnancy

It is very common for a woman to undergo hormonal changes when she is pregnant. Therefore it is quite usual for her to encounter hot feet at night, as hormonal changes cause the body temperature of a person to increase. Another problem during pregnancy which can cause hot feet is the increased weight which is exerted on the feet, although the weight gain is natural.

4. Fungal infection

Hot Feet at Night 2
Hot Feet at Night 2

According to recent research, it has been calculated that almost 15 to 25 percent of the total population of the world suffers from an infection which is known as ‘athletes foot.’ It is crucial that this infection is treated at the right time otherwise it can spread to the other parts of the body .

5. Menopause

Another medical condition among women which can cause hot feet is “menopause.” Under this condition, women undergo hormonal changes which in result increases the temperature of the body. Women experience menopause between the ages of 45 and 55.

6. Exposure to heavy metals

When you are exposed to certain heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, and mercury, then it can cause your hands and feet to experience a prickling, tingling and burning feeling. It is important that a doctor is immediately consulted otherwise the percentage of these toxins can increase in your body which can interfere with the functions of the nerves, further causing nerve damage.

7. Kidney disease

When the kidneys are severely damaged, then there is a condition in which the patient suffers from known as Chronic kidney disease. Under this disease, the body becomes unable to remove the toxins from within through urination. These toxins then continue to build up in the body causing neuropathy.

8. HIV and AIDS

Some of the most common symptoms of AIDS and HIV are numb feet and peripheral neuropathy. As stated above as well under hot feet the nerves are usually damaged and fail to function properly, so this generally affects almost one-third of the people suffering from HIV. It has been revealed by the “Foundation of Peripheral Neuropathy” that there are some medications, given to the patients of AIDS which can cause neuropathy.

Treatment for “Hot Feet”

1. Changing Medication

In some cases, people experience that the medication they are taking is not really making any difference in their body, or it’s not bringing a positive change in their medical condition; then it is advised that they change their medication to see whether it can make a difference or not. It is highly recommended that the switching of pills is done after consulting a doctor otherwise it can further complicate the situation.

2. Change in lifestyle

Apart from diseases, there are a lot of other factors which can lead to a person experiencing hot feet. There are certain ways which we adopt in our lives, and they become a part of our daily routine. Some of them may be a little problematic for us in the future. If you are a person who is suffering from the infection called “athletes foot” then hot feet might not be a strange term for you. Therefore there are certain ways which can be adopted in order to avoid this problem such as the ones stated below:

Hot Feet at Night 3
Hot Feet at Night 3

Make sure to wear shoes which fit you properly, and you can even use inserts.

It is generally advised by doctors that you should keep altering shoes every day so that all pairs are given time to breathe out a little.

After workout sessions, socks should be changed daily and wearing cotton ones might also help improve the situation.

Refrain from wearing wet socks or shoes and avoid sleeping with socks on.

During summer season wear shoes which allow your feet to breathe, sandals preferably.

When you are using pools or have an interaction with water, then try wearing flip-flops as they reduce the risk of getting athletes foot.

In order to avoid hot feet or athletes foot, applying foot powder helps a lot as it sucks all the dampness in your feet.

Walking or running a lot can cause your feet to sweat. Usually, people wear joggers or sneakers while running, so avoid prolonged sessions of walking.

Keep your feet cold as much as possible, especially during the hot season, as your feet tend to sweat in summer.

If you have cold feet at night then try breathable socks for sleeping.


Always address the underlying medical condition. The treatment for hot feet at night largely relies on symptoms which are faced by the person suffering from this condition. For example, if hot feet are encountered due to diabetic neuropathy then bringing the blood sugar levels back to normal may relax the situation. Similarly, if hot feet are caused by certain chronic diseases, then it is advised that a person strictly follows his/her treatment regime, whatever is prescribed by the doctor in order to bring relief to the problem of hot feet as well.

How to Wake Up Your Foot? – Here Are A Few Ways for You to Follow

Wake up your foot
Asleep foot
Asleep foot

You might have heard of the term ‘asleep foot’ a lot. There are a lot of explanations out there for a reason behind this particular medical condition, and there are a lot of solutions for it as well. First, you need to understand what it really is and what happens when your foot falls asleep? It is a condition whereby a person suffering from it feels as if his/her feet are numb. It occurs due to the insufficient blood supply to the foot. If you feel a burning or prickling sensation in your feet or any other part of the body, then there is nothing to worry about because it is a common condition. But, if you feel that your feet are numb most of the times, then you need to take it seriously and consult a doctor as it may lead to diabetes. The following ways will guide you on how to wake up your foot and help you overcome this problem:

1. Leg position

The position in which you place your legs matters a lot when it comes to the circulation of blood in your feet. If you have a habit of crossing your legs over while sitting, then you might want to change it, as the crossing of the legs can cause the blood vessels around your knee area to narrow and cuts off the blood circulation. In order to avoid it, you just have to change the position of your legs back to normal. It is typically experienced that the foot which is crossed over is the one which becomes numb or falls asleep.

2. Stand up

Another way which can help with this problem is standing up. Whenever a person stands up the gravity helps to bring the blood from the upper part of the leg towards the foot causing the blood to flow in the normal direction without any obstacle. While standing up, moving your feet in different directions for a good 15 to 20 seconds will help lessen the pain and resume the blood circulation.

3. Foot bath


Foot bath
Foot bath

People who are fond of exercising also face this problem. Sometimes certain exercises can make your feet numb or cause pain. What you need to do is grab a big bowl or tub, fill it with warm water, then add some Epsom salts and put your feet in it, This remedy will help relax your muscles, but if you feel that your feet are swollen and not numb then icing is recommended.

4. Get a massage


Get a foot massage
Get a foot massage

Massage is another way you can help wake up your feet. When your muscles are rubbed, it improves the circulation of blood in your body. The affected circulation of blood can also lead to cold feet at night. So, a nice and long massage does ensure a smooth blood circulation, but it also helps your mind to relax from the daily workload. Sometimes a massage serves you better than a counseling session or physical therapy. You need to keep yourself hydrated after getting a massage as it Helps to remove all the toxins from your body. Otherwise, you might experience other types of pain.

5. Shoes

It is very important to make sure that you wear the shoes which fit you properly. If the shoe a person is wearing does not fit them properly, then it is possible for them to experience numbness in the feet, especially if they have been standing and walking a lot. On the other hand, if you choose to wear shoes which are not at all tight, and they have a nice grip then it is possible that you will not be experiencing such a problem. Although it is highly recommended that while sitting on the desk and working, you should take off your shoes so that your feet can breathe a little.

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6. Yoga

Yoga is a part of the Indian tradition and culture, which helps overcome and avoid many medical problems. It has a positive effect not only on your health but also on your mind and life. It requires a person to meditate and breathe in the fresh air as much a possible. Your body is positioned in many different and difficult positions, which ensure a smooth blood circulation all over the body and helps strengthen your muscles. Your legs become flexible due to practicing the different challenging positions. Therefore, you no longer face the problem of numb feet even if you cross them over or adopt various other positions.


It is very important for people to understand the need for smooth blood circulation as it is a cure for many medical problems and can also help you wake up your foot. There are times when your muscles become pulled and tired which can cause a prickling sensation in your feet or they might hurt. Walking always helps in these conditions, but for that, you need to make sure that the pace of your walk is not very fast, in fact, a slow one is recommended as walking fast may lead to a contusion. This resumes the blood circulation in your leg and feet.

What Causes Cold Feet at Night? – Here is How to Treat It

Cold feet at night

The term “cold feet” is often referred to as the feeling people have of nervousness before a big event or say your wedding. Then there is the case of people who just naturally have cold feet, but cold feet cannot just be confined to the above-stated cases. People often suffer from the medical condition known as “cold feet at night.” When there is a low level of blood circulation from your heart area then your feet turn cold, this usually happens at night when you are sleeping and can be caused by a number of reasons, which includes irregular meals or even idleness.

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This article will lay out for you some of the major reasons behind having cold feet at night, including remedies to avoid this condition:


1. Cold temperatures


Cold temperatures
Cold temperatures

It is very normal for the body to react under cold temperatures, and having cold feet at that time is just another way your body is responding to the possible change in the weather. What usually happens is that in cold areas the blood vessels in your body which are present in the farthest points tend to become constrict causing the blood flow to decrease, and therefore the level of heat reduces in the body.

2. Poor circulation

This is one of the most talked about reasons, when the blood circulation patterns in your body are not normal, or they become low for some reasons then the warm blood which usually flows towards your  feet faces difficulties to do so and as a result, your feet tend to remain cooler as compared to other areas at night.

3. Anemia

Anemia is a medical condition in which the person suffering from it has very little red blood cells in his/her body then it is generally required. Anemia occurs due to a number of reasons which include kidney diseases, deficiency of vitamin B12, iron and folate. Usually, people suffering from anemia complain about having cold feet at night, although if the right medication is given to the patients, anemia can very well be treated as it responds faster.

4. Nerve disorders


Nerve disorders
Nerve disorders

Another major reason behind having cold feet at night is possible nerve disorders. Nerves can be damaged due to a lot of reasons some of which are injury, frostbites, or even because of a medical condition you are already a patient to.

5. Hypothyroidism

This medical condition develops in a person whose thyroid glands are not active which makes it unable to produce the right amount of thyroid hormones in the body; therefore it has a bad effect on the metabolism of the patient’s body. Whenever there is a disturbance in the metabolism pattern then the blood circulation, heartbeat, as well as body temperature, is severely affected, this means that if the thyroid does not function properly, then it is most likely for the person to suffer from hypothyroidism leading them to have cold feet at night.

6. Type and Type 2 diabetes

It is quite common for the patients of diabetes to have cold feet, either due to nerve damage or generally cold feet. There are other symptoms of it as well like numb feet or a prickling or tingling feeling. If you feel that maybe your nerves in the feet area are damaged, then you need to make an appointment with the doctor so that the situation can be brought under control through proper treatment.


Following are some remedies which, if followed, can prove to be quite helpful:

1. Movement

One of the simplest ways to increase the warmth in your body is a movement which includes walking and not sitting idle for too long. Therefore, as a result, the blood flow resumes towards the feet area then you need to make an appointment with the doctor so that the situation can be brought under control through proper treatment.

2. Foot bath

Foot bath is considered to be one of the fastest ways to free your body from the problem of having cold feet at night. What you need to do is fill the bathtub with Luke warm water and then put your feet in it for a good 10 to 15 minutes; this will help circulate the blood in your body down to your feet area without any obstacle. It is generally advised to practice this remedy just before you get ready for bed. This is another way to loosen up the tight muscles.

3. Heating pads


Heating pads
Heating pads

People often complain about the problem they face while trying to sleep due to cold feet. Heating pads play a very important role to relieve a person from this situation; you just need to place the hot pad on your bed in the area where your feet are placed at night. This will regulate the blood circulation at night and keep your feet warm the whole time. When you have been busy the whole day due to immense workload or constant standing, then heating pads help you to relax after such a hectic day.

4. Foot exercises

Foot exercises are really important if you want to keep the blood flow patterns normal in your body and if you want to keep the feet all warmed up. They help to make your blood vessels strong. A simple example for this exercise can be walking on your toes and then your heels for a good 10 to 15 minutes.

5. Wearing Socks

Try sleeping with socks on to keep the feet warm. Always choose best socks for sleeping so that you can sleep properly without any discomfort.

When do you need to consult the doctor?

People are often concerned about when do they really need to see the doctor; there is a very simple answer to that. You just need to keep a few things in mind.

  • If you feel that your hands and feet are hurting all the time and healing takes a bit too long.
  • If you experience a constant headache.
  • If you notice major changes in your weight then you need to take it seriously?
  • If you feel that fever is something which you’re suffering from quite frequently.
  • Joints tend to hurt a bit too much.
  • If you come to notice that your skin is under constant change and that too in the form of allergies and reactions.


If the above-stated points are not strange for you and if you are actually undergoing such changes then you need to start taking it seriously and consult your doctor so that you can save yourself from further complications. Cold feet at night are a treatable condition; you just need to follow whatever your doctor has prescribed you and include the above-stated exercises in your daily life.

What Happens When Your Foot Falls Asleep?

What happens when your foot falls asleep


The foot falls asleep
The foot falls asleep

There are a lot of answers to the question as to why or how the foot falls asleep. Well, the major and most talked about the reason behind the occurrence of this condition is the reduced level of blood supply in your body which causes a tingling feeling to arise in your feet which is often referred to as ‘pins and needles.’ The pins and needles are known as paresthesia in scientific terms. People are often concerned about what happens when their foot falls asleep, well you need to know that this takes place when your nerves are compressed in the feet area they become unable to function properly. This is caused if you have been sitting in a certain position for too long or even if your foot was placed at an angle which is quite unusual.

Numb foot: Pressure

Although it is often said and has been stated in this article as well that the limbs fall asleep due to the lack of blood supply to the affected area, however, it needs to be understood that there are other possible reasons to this as well. Immense pressure is most certainly one of them. The condition of asleep foot arises when you have been exerting a lot of pressure on your foot which as a result places pressure on the nerves, the same way it is difficult for water to pass through a bent or twisted pipe.

What happens is that when pressure is exerted on the nerves of your foot, it becomes almost impossible for the electrical pulses to move from the foot to your brain. Now at this point, your nerves are unable to send successful signals to the brain, due to these failed signals the brain is, as a result, unable to know what you are feeling in the foot, therefore, the foot does not feel anything at all. The numb feeling stays there for a few minutes and then when you move the nerves of your foot are in the process of waking up, it begins with a tingling feeling, and this is a sign that things are going back normal. The nerves wake up only if you have possibly moved your feet or have changed you sitting position.

How to wake up your feet?


Wake up your feet
Wake up your feet

Now people are always concerned about when or how can they make the tingling or prickling sensation go away faster than the amount of time which is usually taken for the process. There are a lot of ways to make that happen. Sometimes it is advised to move the sleeping limbs quickly; it is said that it can make the situation better. Massaging the affected area has also proved to be quite helpful in most cases.

Although it is true that the above-stated ways have not yet been backed by any scientific facts or any medical evidence which can prove that whether these ways work or not. But the good thing is that all of these exercises are completely safe to be tried by anyone as they do not pose a threat to your life or your health in any way. What you need to make sure is that while the foot is in the process of waking up, you should avoid walking as there is a very high possibility that the numbness can cause you to lose control over balance and you might even fall because of that.


When your foot falls asleep all you need to do is be patient and relax because the whole process where everything goes back to how it was and foot regaining its feeling just takes a few minutes not more than that. It is true that at first, the tingling and prickling feeling is difficult to ignore as in the beginning, it is a little painful, but then it starts to get better. The tingling sensation lasts for only a few seconds, but if you are someone who is experiencing severe numbness, then it is possible that your nerves might have been damaged in the process.

It is very important for you to understand that the numbness you are experiencing may be a symptom of a medical condition you are already suffering from so it is always better to get the opinion of your doctor in this matter. It is not good to assume things which are related to your health in any way. You need to note that long episodes of the numbness are not good and it is a sign that you need to consult your doctor immediately so the possible reason for it can be discovered and the treatment should be started.


All you need is relax
All you need is relax

If you are aware of the fact that you tend to lose the feeling in a certain limb of yours and the aftermath of it is not quite good to deal with or even if it lasts longer than expected then it might be happening because of a more serious cause. There is a term called chronic paraesthesia which refers to a more severe form of pins and needles, and this is a sign of diabetes.

According to recent research, almost two third of the patients suffering from diabetes have damaged nerves. This is because diabetes tends to make the body of the person suffering from it fragile, as a result, the level of blood supply in the body decreases. Kidney and liver diseases also cause the patients to experience a condition where their foot falls asleep. Women are likely to experience asleep foot along with hot feet at night when they are pregnant due to the pressure which is exerted on their feet with weight gain. You might have heard of Carpel tunnel syndrome; this takes place when the nerves are pressed; it is most likely to occur under immense stress, usually due to typing too much. This makes the nerves unable to maintain contact with the wrist causing the feeling of numbness to arise.

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So, if your feeling of pins and needles takes place quite often then you need to make an appointment with your doctor, otherwise this situation might get worse, as it is possible that you might be a  patient to a disease, but if you are a person who undergoes this procedure only sometimes then there is nothing to worry about. You just need to make yourself aware of what happens when your foot falls asleep and are the episodes painful or not.